Learn About Huminion – Unique T-Shirt Designs from Carson Valley Nevada.


About Us: By Huminions, for Huminions

Let us introduce ourselves and share our story with you. We are Joseph Marlo (also known as Josarlo or Marloseph), a creative husband and wife team behind all our unique designs. We lovingly refer to ourselves as Huminions, inspired by our adorable Shih Tzu who we believe is our true master. Perhaps, in this relationship, we are the ones who are the pets. But ultimately, aren’t we all someone else’s pet, captivated by others’ ideas, mere pieces in a grand cosmic play… aren’t we all Human Minions?

Huminion is all about expressing yourself with fun and unique t-shirts, sweaters, and caps. Our designs are guaranteed to make others laugh, smile, or even strike up a conversation. We believe in creating things that bring joy and happiness. Our designs are inspired by funny, flamboyant, stoic, and silly ideas that we stumble upon in life. We carefully craft these ideas into images and sayings that we can put on our clothing. We hope you enjoy our sense of humor and style. Get ready to showcase your personality with our fun t-shirts, unique designs, and expressive clothing!